Celebrity Birthday of the Day – March 21

Romanian child actress Catinca Untaru only has two credits to her name right now, and only one of them is a feature film – The Fall, written and directed by Tarsem Singh – but trust me, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this girl, because I think she is destined to be a big deal in the very near future. First off, her performance in The Fall is nothing short of terrific, and even if you find Tarsem’s movies to be all style and no substance, Untaru brings a sweetness and innocence to the role that ties the film together perfectly. According to¬† IMDb’s biography on her, she announced that she wanted to become an actress at age three, and could speak English in different accents. Besides The Fall, Untaru has appeared in the 2011 short film The Dowry, and, again according to IMDb, “a Romanian experimental media project called 10 where a group of kids are planning to do a movie.” Catinca Untaru turns 15 today, and you can bet you’ll be seeing more of her very, very soon.

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