Zombies, Run!

Are you, like me, just a bit too lazy to take up a useful daily exercise routine? Then you should check out Zombies, Run! It’s an audio adventure game that encourages fitness by turning your jog around the neighbourhood into a fight for survival. The game utilizes your normal music playlist, but every now and again you’ll receive transmissions from helicopters or people at nearby strongholds instructing you on what to pick up, where to go, and whether or not there are undead in the area! And every so often…you’ll hear the shuffling feet and groaning sounds of a horde of zombies coming you way – lemme tell ya, nothing makes you run faster. Plus, once you’re done your jog, you’re tasked with deciding how to divvy up the supplies you collected among the survivors at your base of operations. I gave this app a shot during a brief period of nice weather recently, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Click here to visit the official Zombies, Run! website!

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