Celebrity Birthday of the Day – March 28

Not only has Nick Frost starred in some of my favourite movies of all time, but the story of his climb to fame is pretty awesome too! When Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Jessica Hynes were all casting for the part of Tim’s army-obsessed buddy Mike on their upcoming show Spaced, someone recommended Frost, who up until that point had been working as a waiter. Frost became a fan favourite on the show and has frequently worked in association with Wright and company ever since, starring in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The Adventures of Tintin (all written or directed, or both, by Edgar Wright), as well as appearing in Attack the Block (produced by Wright). Additionally, Frost has appeared on TV shows including Black Books, Look Around You, Hyperdrive, and Top Gear, and in non-Edgar Wright-related films such as Penelope, Paul, and the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. Nick Frost rules. He turns 40 today.

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