Before They Were Stars: Will Sasso in “Ernest Goes to School”

Well, The Three Stooges officially opens in cinemas today and, needless to say, it may be The Back Row’s LEAST anticipated movie of 2012. However, its star, Will Sasso, has never received the “Before They Were Stars” treatment, so today’s as good a day as any. One of Sasso’s earliest roles was alongside the late, great Jim Varney as a jock in Ernest Goes to School, one of the many straight-to-video Ernest movies that got released during the nineties. You can see him in the background of this scene where Ernest wrestles a crazy masked black guy. It’s only appropriate that Ernest makes a Hulk Hogan reference during this scene since Will Sasso is a hardcore wrestling fan, and just did a dead-on impersonation of the Hulkster on WWE Monday Night RAW this week.

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