Heat Vision and Jack

I know EVERYTHING! In case you’ve never heard of it, Heat Vision and Jack is the pilot episode for a TV show that was never picked up. Made in 1999, the would-be TV series followed the exploits of an astronaut named Jack (Jack Black) who possesses all the knowledge of the universe, but only when the sun is out. Accompanied by his talking motorcycle Heat Vision (Owen Wilson), the two of them are on the run from the villainous Ron Silver (as himself). The show was produced and directed by Ben Stiller, and was written by Rob Schrab (creator of the comic Scud: The Disposible Assassin) and Dan Harmon (who would go on to create the show Community). Personally, I think this is amazing stuff, and maybe the only reason it failed was because it was just a little before its time.

Look under the cut for part 3!

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