Charlton Heston as the Original Indiana Jones

I suppose this posting exists mainly an excuse for me to make a very exciting announcement: yours truly has been hired to write an article for one of The Back Row’s biggest inspirations,! After numerous pitching attempts in their writer’s workshop, they have accepted my proposal to write a column entitled “8 Not-so-Famous Movies Which Inspired 8 Famous Movies” and it should be finished and up on their website within the next month or two.

Anyway, as a little teaser of what type of material to expect in my Cracked column, I’ve posted some footage from a 1954 adventure film called Secret of the Incas. It stars Charlton Heston as an adventurer named Harry Steele, who sports a conspicuous fedora and brown leather jacket. Hmmmm, does he emind you of another iconic adventure hero at all? Anyway, this Youtube user has taken an action scene from Secret of the Incas and dubbed over music from Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you couldn’t see Charlton Heston’s face under that fedora, you’d think you were watching footage from a real Indiana Jones movie!

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