Before They Were Stars: Liam Neeson on “Miami Vice”

Since we just did an entire Shouts From the Back Row podcast on the career of Liam Neeson, it’s only fair that he get the “Before They Were Stars” treatment once again. Liam doesn’t have too many TV credits on his resume, but in 1986, he did make a guest appearance on an episode of Miami Vice, probably because, as I’ve previously demonstrated, every single actor in existence has appeared on Miami Vice. This is a rare opportunity to see Liam Neeson in the role of a villain as he plays an Irishman who becomes romantically involved with Detective Gina Calabrese until she finds out he’s actually a terrorist. You’ll notice that his Irish accent here is much thicker than you’re used to seeing from him. For “Before They Were Stars” footage of Liam Neeson, check out a clip of him playing Jesus in a religious film called Pilgrim’s Progress, and interacting with an unknown Jim Carrey in The Dead Pool.

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