Celebrity Birthday of the Day – April 29

Reb Brown is an actor who is at once prolific and yet known for starring in some of the most terrible movies ever made. Brown began acting in the 1973 movie SSSSSSS, a movie about a college student who is experimented on and turned into a giant snake-man. This film would set the tone for the rest of Brown’s career, and he would go on to appear in such b-movie “classics” as Yor: The Hunter From the Future, Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch, Strike Commando, the terrible made-for-TV movie of Captain America, and the notorious Space Mutiny. Outside of his film work, however, Brown’s television acting resume boasts a number of impressive credits, including Kojak, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Six Million Sollar Man, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and, of course, Miami Vice (because everybody has acted on Miami Vice). But I will always know Reb Brown’s work in Space Mutiny best, because it led to some of the best jokes ever featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Reb Brown turns 64 today. He’s the man!

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