Abraham Van Lincoln

It’s surprising to me that, even though it looked over-the-top campy to begin with, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter just looked wackier and wackier with every new trailer that’s released. That being said, I also find myself quite excited for this film, but I couldn’t really tell you why. It’s basically Van Helsing with a former American president, which isn’t exactly fresh, new, or original (well, the Van Helsing part, anyway), but nevertheless, something about the axe-swinging fight scenes really appeals to me. Also, I think it was a good move to give Honest Abe a scene where he wears a white version of his trademark suit – makes him more like a superhero. Anyhow, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter has the potential to be an absolute trainwreck, especially considering that producer Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows was a big letdown, but what the heck. I’ll see it anyway.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter comes out June 22, 2012.

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