This week’s podcast will see Robin, TK and I give our thoughts on Prometheus – certainly one of the most polarizing movies of the year so far! So to build up some hype for our review of the film (we’ll also be tackling the Predator franchise in the same podcast), I’ll be spending a lot of this week posting Prometheus clips and videos that I didn’t post before the movie’s release for fear of spoiling things too badly. In this video, SoundWorks Collection talks to Supervising Sound Editors Mark Stoeckinger and Victor Ennis, Sound Re-recording Mixers Ron Bartlett and Doug Hemphill, Sound Designers Ann Scibelli and Alan Rankin, and Sound Effects Researcher Charlie Campagna, all of whom helped design the sound of Prometheus. And they used Pop Rocks as a sound effect! It’s pretty damn cool, if you ask me. As for Prometheus…well, you’ll just have to wait to hear what I thought of it.

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