Arrested Development Meets Call of Duty

Cocked Hammers is a webseries being produced by Activision and Jason Bateman’s/Will Arnett’s production company dumbdumb, which follows Jason and Will as they are sucked into Call of Duty and have to fight for their lives. Now, I love the pairing of Bateman and Arnett, as they basically make up 1/5th of the cast of Arrested Development and have great chemistry together, but after watching this tease for the series, I just don’t know how funny it will be. Sure, there are a few chuckles to be had, but watching this made me feel like I was watching someone else play CoD online, with more polite opponents on voice chat. I get the feeling like we’re not seeing enough of the series here to accurately judge things…but I dunno. It didn’t quite grab me. What do you think?

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