Celebrity Birthday of the Day – June 18

English actor Ralph Brown keeps coming up on our Shouts From the Back Row podcasts as of late due to his appearances in Alien 3 and The Boat That Rocked (also known as Pirate Radio) – and every time that he comes up in the discussion, I praise him. This is almost entirely due to the first role I remember seeing Brown in: that of Danny the drug dealer in Bruce Robinson’s Withnail and I…a role which he reprised to great effect in Wayne’s World 2! Brown has appeared in loads of different film and TV projects, with TV credits including The Bill, Rules of Engagement, Ivanhoe, Lexx, Coronation Street, and Life on Mars, and film credits including The Crying Game, Undercover Blues, Amistad, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Mean Machine, Exorcist: The Beginning, Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist, The Kid, Killing Bono, and Dark Tide. Expect to see him soon in Jack the Giant Killer, coming out next year! As I said before, I can’t get enough of Ralph Brown, and if you don’t understand why, then go watch Withnail and I. You owe it to yourself. Ralph Brown turns 55 today.

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