Before They Were Stars: Ben Affleck in a Burger King Commercial

Now here’s a pretty bizarre Burger King commercial from 1988 featuring a young Ben Affleck. Affleck gets a call on his car phone (remember those things?) from a girl who sounds a lot like his future Chasing Amy co-star Joey Lauren Adams. She mistakenly thinks she has called Burger King and orders a chef salad, and Affleck is so enamoured by her voice that he actually goes to Burger King and pays for a salad out of his own pocket to deliver it to her! You know, listening to that girl’s voice on the phone, she is clearly stoned out of her mind. Burger King has never done home delivery at all until January of this past year, so she clearly just zoned out and dialed some random number because she a strong case of the munchies left her with a craving for… a chef salad?! Yeah, Ben, I think you might want to steer clear of this chick.

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