Before They Were Stars: Thomas Jane in “Nemesis”

The other day, Gill, Mat and I had one of our annual “bad movie” screenings and discovered the piece of cinema awesomeness known as Nemesis, a futuristic sci-fi action thriller from 1992 that manages to rip off The Terminator, Escape From New York, Robocop, John Woo films and Jean-Claude Van Damme flicks all at the same time. The concepts of logic, common sense and continuity are foreign to the makers of Nemesis, but the film is never boring and is so over-the-top ridiculous that it’s a must-see for “bad movie” buffs. Anyway, Nemesis is notable for featuring an early role for Thomas Jane (credited here as Tom Janes) and he is completely naked the entire time! Seriously, his role lasts about five minutes and features about a dozen gratuitous shots of his bare ass before he is killed off. Hmmmm, how much more interesting would The Punisher have been if he had performed the entire role naked…

Anyway, it’s also worth mentioning that Nemesis features the only other screen credit in the career of the worst actress of all time: Adrianna Miles! You can see her in this clip from the opening scene of the film and if you still remember her unforgettable accent from Werewolf, it’s pretty clear that her voice has been dubbed here.

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