Before They Were Stars: Katy Perry Sings at a Christian Fundraiser

It’s no big secret that Katy Perry (under her real name, Katy Hudson) grew up in a very strict religious family and started off her career by singing Christian music. I’ve already posted old handheld footage of one of her earliest performances, but here she is performing at a fundraiser that was once aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which happens to be the largest religious network in the world. Given what Katy Perry has become, one can only wonder if TBN takes pride in having discovered such a huge celebrity, or if they wish this footage was burned in the bowels of Hell. Once again, I should warn everyone that for your own sanity, do not read the comments on any of her Christian Youtube videos since they always devolve into flame wars about whether or not Katy was “corrupted” by the Devil.

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