Before They Were Stars: A Future WWE Diva Cries While Meeting Another WWE Diva!

Even if you’re not a professional wrestling fan, this here’s a pretty neat coincidence. If you follow World Wrestling Entertainment, you’ll know that their most prominent female performer right now is A.J. Lee, who in spite of only being 5-foot-3 and 107 pounds, has caught fire with her manipulative, mentally unstable character, and currently gets more airtime than most of the male wrestlers on the roster! Anyway, in 2001, this promotional video was produced which showed Lita, one of the most popular WWE Divas at the time, doing an autograph session for her fans. At the 0:20 and 0:54 marks of this clip, you get to see A.J., who was about 14 years old at time, get all emotional and literally start crying when she meets Lita! Nice to see she got the chance to follow in her idol’s footsteps.

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