Comic Con Report: Oh yay, it’s The Walking Dead.

Straight from the San Diego Comic Con comes a new trailer for season 3 of The Walking Dead, a show that everyone seems to love to hate-watch. I know what you’re thinking: does Gill have any interest in The Walking Dead after his lengthy rant about season 2? Well, looking at this trailer, I see a lot of things that I like, but overall, I wouldn’t call myself excited. It’s sad, but true. The Walking Dead has gotten my hopes up and dashed them far too many times now, and while I will definitely tune in to the first episode of season 3, I won’t be going in expecting much.

The good about this trailer: Michonne looks badass, the prison sequences appear promising, and the Governor has turned up.

The bad: The Wailing Jennies soundtrack is an odd choice, the Governor doesn’t look like the Governor at all, and once again, Lori tells Rick that he should do whatever it takes to protect his family…the same damn thing that gave him permission to kill Shane…which Lori then chastized him for. Ugh.

I’m lukewarm on the blade-handed Merle teaser at the end. That could be alright, I guess.

The Walking Dead season 3 starts on October 14, 2012.

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