Before They Were Stars: Fred Willard in “Teenage Mother”

As you may have heard, Fred Willard was recently arrested for a “lewd act” inside an adult movie theater, which automatically brought up comparisons with Pee-Wee Herman own infamous “lewd act”. Speaking of “lewd”, Willard made his film debut in a rather lewd exploitation¬†picture from 1967 called Teenage Mother, which B-movie fans have often referred to as “Juno: The Grindhouse Edition”. As you can see from the preceding clip, Willard plays a very progressive coach who jokes with a pair of teenage boys about the ridiculousness of bringing in *gasp* a WOMAN to teach health class at the school! As a bonus, I’ve also included the jaw-dropping five-minute original trailer for Teenage Mother, which you really have to see for yourself! “In addition to the film, there will be a brief lecutre on how to use our bodies. Every parent should bring their child!”

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