Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 26

If I were to compile a list of the most underrated movie martial artists of all time, you can bet that Yuen Biao would be right at the top. Yuen spent his childhood training in the Peking Opera School at the China Drama Academy and was classmates with such luminaries as Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. While Yuen has never achieved the international fame and recognition of his fellow martial arts stars, he is just as talented and athletic as they are and has built one hell of a film career. After mainly working as a stuntman and an extra on several productions for years, Yuen finally got his first leading role in the underappreciated 1979 martial arts classic, Knockabout. Prepare to be blown away by Yuen’s talents in this training montage from the film, as he defies the laws of physics with such amazing feats like doing ten consecutive standing backflips in one unbroken take!


Yuen has worked with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung on several occasions and appeared in such renowned martial arts films asĀ Project A, The Prodigal Son, Dreadnaught, Wheels on Meals, Dragons Forever, Mr. Vampire, Eastern Condors and Once Upon a Time in China . He currently has 130 credits to his name and while he doesn’t act as often as he used to, he could still kick all of our asses. Yuen Biao turns 55 today, and we shall celebrate his birthday with this dynamite fight scene from Magnificent Butcher.


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