The Revenant Shambles Ever Closer to Release

A horror movie/buddy comedy about Joey and his undead friend Bart who comes back from the dead as a revenant: an articulate zombie that needs to drink blood to arrest the decomposition of his body.

The Revenant has been touring the festival circuit since 2009, and was actually playing at the Fantasia International Film Festival during the summer that TBR was born. It looks interesting enough, combining elements of movies like Dead Heat, The Boondock Saints, and Shaun of the Dead, and the word around the campfire is that the movie is actually a lot of fun. Well, it looks like we might finally get a chance to see The Revenant, because it actually has a vague North American release date. What do you guys think? Will this be worth the wait?

The Revenant comes out in August of 2012.

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