Before They Were Stars: Salma Hayek on “The Sinbad Show”

Hard to believe there was once a time in North America when Sinbad was a much bigger star than Salma Hayek. In 1993, Sinbad starred in his own sitcom called The Sinbad Show, playing a bachelor who winds up becoming the foster parent to two orphans. Salma Hayek had already established herself as an actress in Mexico, but at this point she had just come over to the U.S. and was a complete unknown. She was cast as Sinbad’s landlady, but the show had a fairly chaotic production and went through a ton of behind-the-scenes changes. As a result, Hayek’s character was completely dropped after only a couple of episodes, but she would go on to much bigger things while The Sinbad Show was cancelled after only one season.

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