Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 6

Look out, ladies, because today’s Celebrity Birthday boy is the incomparable Idris Elba. Elba’s star has never been higher than it is now, following his performances in the movies Thor and Prometheus, as well as on shows like The Wire, The Office, and Luther. Elba has been acting professional on TV and in film since 1994, when he appeared in bit parts on several TV shows, including Space Precinct, Absolutely Fabulous, Bramwell, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, The Governor, and Silent Witness. Starting in 1997, Elba began to become a big commodity in television, as he had regular roles on the series Insiders, Ultraviolet, and Dangerfield. Elba also played minor roles on Law & Order and CSI: Miami…but he’ll always be Stringer Bell in my mind!

You can look forward to seeing Idris Elba in the Guillermo Del Toro giant robot movie Pacific Rim and the sequel to Thor, titled Thor: The Dark World. He turns 41 today.

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