Prepare to Fall in Love with Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is my new cartoon obsession. A Disney Channel original series, Gravity Falls centers on a pair of adventurous twins named Dipper and Mabel who are sent to live with their great uncle (or “Grunkle”) Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Stan runs a tourist trap gift shop called the Mystery Shack, which is basically a P.T. Barnum freakshow full of stuffed sasquatches and jackalopes, as well as cheaply made yet high-priced merchandise. But Stan and his Mystery Shack are far from the weirdest things in Gravity Falls, since the town is basically overrun with supernatural beings and plagued by bizarre occurences. It’s a terrific series – the humour is top-notch, the theme tune is catchy as hell, and the characters are all extremely fun. The show isn’t afraid to play around with genre, either, as the episode from which these clips are drawn (“Fight Fighters”) is like a weird mashup of The Karate Kid, Tron and Street Fighter, with additional references to Donkey Kong and Final Fight. I absolutely love Gravity Falls, and if you love cartoons, then you owe it to yourself to watch it. It’s available on iTunes!

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