Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 27

Lina Leandersson is a young Swedish actress who only had three credits to her name at the time of this writing. One of those credits, however, is one of my all time favourite vampire movies…but I’ll get to that in a moment. Leandersson took an interest in performing from an early age, training in acting and dance. She worked in amateur theatre for a number of years before applying for her leading role in Let the Right One In through a web-based casting service. Apparently, she was unaware that she would be playing a vampire at the time of her audition. Leandersson’s performance in Let the Right One In was critically lauded, and with good reason: I think she’s absolutely brilliant. Just make sure to watch the version with the proper theatrical subtitles! Lina Leandersson continues to work on foreign projects, with the films The Arbiter and Tenderness coming out within the next year. I look forward to seeing her in new roles! She turns 17 today.


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