Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 2

Prolific character actor Ian McNeice is everywhere! The man has a truly impressive acting resume, and I guarantee you’ve seen him about a dozen times without even realizing it. His breakthrough role was on the award-winning TV series from 1985 called Edge of Darkness (later remade as a movie with Mel Gibson), and other early credits of his include Top Secret!, Whoops Apocalypse, Around the World in 80 Days, Valmont, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, and Chef! I first took notice of McNeice when he played a prominent role in Ace Venture: When Nature Calls, and since then, I’ve been noticing him all over the place, in films such as The Body, Town & Country, From Hell, White Noise, Oliver Twist, The Black Dahlia, and Valkyrie, and on shows including Rome, Doctor Who, and Children of Dune. Ian McNeice turns 62 today.

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