Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 6

Ioan Gruffudd has been acting since the age of 13, when he appeared in a Welsh made-for-TV movie called Austin. It wasn’t until 1997 that he began to appear in more and more prominent roles, with early parts in the films Wilde and Titanic. In 1998 he starred in the first of several Horatio Hornblower movies made for television, including Hornblower: The Even Chance, Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil and Hornblower: Mutiny. Gruffudd has since appeared in such films as 102 Dalmatians, Black Hawk Down, King Arthur, Fantastic Four, W., The Kid, Sanctum, and Horrible Bosses, as well as on the TV shows Family Guy, American Dad, Justice League, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Ioan Gruffudd turns 39 today.


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