Welcome to the Basement: In The Name Of The King – A Dungeon Siege Tale

Hoo boy. So if you listen to our weekly podcast, you know that I can be pretty forgiving when it comes to the quality of a film. It takes a lot for me to hate a movie, and even more for me to hate a director. Uwe Boll is a director I hate. This guy takes pre-existing properties, often video games, and just craps all over them. He’s clearly not concerned with making decent films, and that wouldn’t be so bad if he just made his own movies, but he’s constantly using stuff that other people came up with, thereby precluding the possibility of a good take on these properties (not that stuff like House of the Dead deserves a quality adaptation, but Boll isn’t even trying). What’s more, he always manages to drag actors I like into his shit shows. Anyway, on this episode of Welcome to the Basement, Matt and Craig are looking at In The Name Of The King – A Dungeon Siege Tale. Jason Statham! Ray Liotta! Guys, you’re so much better than this! This episode is definitely worth watching for Craig’s Michael Shannon impression, though.

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