I’m still waiting for the owls to show up.

When an evil spirit called Pitch becomes bent upon taking over the world by inspiring fear in the hearts of kids everywhere, a group of our greatest heroes, Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost, band together for the first time, determined to stand in Pitch s way.

It’s become inevitable that the first thing that I always mention when talking about Rise of the Guardians is the fact that the title is a poor choice, as it keeps making me think of the Zack Snyder animated movie Legend of the Guardians – The Owls of Ga’Hoole. You’d think I would have been able to let go of this months ago, but damnit, Rise of the Guardians just keeps on making associations with that other guardians movie! This time we’ve got a TV spot titled “Legend”, which only makes the title of the movie closer to Snyder’s flick. Anyway, I’m still undecided on this one. On the one hand, it seems like Dreamworks just wants to do The Avengers without having to set up any of the characters who make up the central team. On the other hand, there’s a Russian viking-like Santa and an Australian boomerang-throwing Easter bunny voiced by Hugh Jackman. I can’t deny that those elements hold a lot of appeal.

Rise of the Guardians comes out November 21, 2012.

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