The Munsters Reboot That Might Have Been

For those of you who don’t know, Mockingbird was set to be a revival of the classic TV series The Munsters. Eddie Izzard was going to play Grampa Munster and Jerry O’Connell was going to play Herman, and the whole thing was going to be overseen by Bryan Fuller, whose other shows Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls have dedicated followings in spite of their being cancelled…though I hear Pushing Daisies might return. Anyway, people were skeptical and not a lot of promotional material had been released when NBC decided to pull the plug on the whole thing. But now we’ve got this little commercial to show us what we’re missing and…well, it doesn’t look half-bad! I mean, this wouldn’t have been a masterpiece, but Eddie Izzard looks great in it, and it already sits better with me than Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows did. Pity we’ll never see a completed episode.

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