Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 14

Olga Kurylenko is both a model and an actress, having started her career as the former. She was discovered by a female model scout while on vacation in Moscow when she was 13, and by 17 she was a full-time model, appearing on the coveres of Vogue and Elle the following year. She made her acting debut in Seal’s music video Love’s Divine in 2003 and made her movie debut in 2005’s The Ring Finger. Since then, she has appeared on the TV series Secrets and in movies such as Paris, je t’aime, The Snake, Hitman, Max Payne, Quantum of Solace, There Be Dragons, Land of Oblivion, Seven Psychopaths and The Expatriate. But for my money, she was coolest in the Neil Marshall film Centurion, as a Pictish scout with no tongue and some badass warpaint. Olga Kurylenko turns 33 today.

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