Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 19

Jason Scott Lee was born in Los Angeles and raised in Hawaii, and began his acting career in small roles on TV shows such as Matlock, Wolf, CBS Schoolbreak Special, and The Lookalike, as well as minor roles in the film Back to the Future II and Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College. His first leading role was in 1993’s Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and since playing Bruce Lee, Jason Scott Lee has taken up instructing the martial art Jeet Kun Do. Following Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Lee played prominent roles in the films The Jungle Book and Soldier, and provided voice work for Lilo & Stitch before taking a break from the big screen to star in several direct-to-video movies such as Dracula II: Ascension and Timecop: The Berlin Decision. His appearance in 2007’s Balls of Fury was his first major big-screen role since Soldier. Since Balls of Fury, Lee has appeared in the film Dance of the Dragon and on the TV series Hawaii Five-O. He turns 46 today.

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