Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 24

Brad Sherwood found his niche very early in career. After appearing in a TV movie called Life As We Know It! and on a few episodes of L.A. Law, Sherwood joined the cast of the UK series of Whose Line Is It Anyway? He was a regular cast member of that show for its full three seasons and made the transition to the North American version of the show, starring in all eight seasons and becoming well known for his ability to improvise songs and impersonate celebrities such as Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger. Sherwood also began hosting game shows such as The Dating Game and The Big Moment, and recently appeared in Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza. Besides his improv comedy work and game show hosting duties, Sherwood has acted on The Drew Carey Show, in the movies That Darn Cat and The Night Caller, and provided voice work on Digimon Data Squad. Brad Sherwood turns 49 today.


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