Before They Were Stars: Laurie Holden on “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future”

Wow, when Gill did yesterday’s “Celebrity Birthday of the Day” on Walking Dead star Laurie Holden, repressed memories starting popping back into my head once he made mention of her early role on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, an ultra-cheesy Canadian-produced sci-fi series from the late eighties which I watched during my childhood (and, yes, I even owned some of the toys). This series was created by the director of the live-action Masters of the Universe movie, so that should give you a very good idea what to expect. Holden was only 17 years old when she guest starred on this episode as a minion of the show’s villain, Lord Dread. She plays a member of the Dread Youth and since this show was just brimming with subtlety, I’m sure you won’t think that her uniform bears any resemblance to the Hitler Youth whatsoever. She makes her first appearance at the 10-minute mark of this episode and gets into a fight scene with the show’s heroine.

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