Could The Evil Dead Remake Not Suck?

The remake of Evil Dead has always seemed like a prime example of an unnecessary rehashing of an already excellent film. The fact that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are producers is a nice touch, and I guess having their stamp of approval is a good thing, but really, why mess with a good thing? This is probably going to alienate fans of the original and be dismissed by newcomers as another gritty, cliche horror film. Or so I thought before I watched this new red band trailer. Now? Well, I still think it’s unnecessary, but I also think it might be a fun time. New director Fede Alvarez clearly understands the appeal of the original, as evidenced by the hilarious and disgusting blood-vomiting scene, and the lack of CGI is also a big plus in my books. We’ll see if this turns out to be worth a damn, but at least this new trailer makes me think it won’t totally suck.

Evil Dead comes out April 12, 2013.

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