Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 15

Who is the mysterious man known as Gill, and how can he possess such unparalleled charisma and modesty? Born in the heart of a dying star gone supernova, Gill began life as a being of pure energy, imbued with cosmic powers of space and time manipulation. He designed for himself an earthly form made of platinum and bad jokes and formed it into the most exquisite specimen of human perfection that the world has ever known. He landed on earth in the year 1983 with the assistance of a cold-fusion powered jet pack of his own invention which he promptly destroyed upon arrival and you can’t prove anything so shut up. Gill immediately took it upon himself to perform superheroic deed after superheroic deed, but he ended up getting bored pretty quickly and started eating copious amounts of salt and vinegar potato chips and drinking beer by the keg instead. He has been doing that, watching movies, playing video games and reading comics ever since. He also runs The Back Row and occasionally rises from the dead.

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