Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 17

Genndy Tartakovsky is probably my favourite guy involved in any kind of animation these days. Tartakovsky got his start in animation after studying at the California Institute of the Arts, working on Batman: The Animated Series and The Critic. He then moved to working at Hanna-Barbera with Craig McKraken on the show 2 Stupid Dogs. This marked a major turning point in Tartakovsky’s career, after which he would work on some of his most famous stuff, including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexters Laboratory and Samurai Jack. In 2004 and 2005, Tartakovsky oversaw the creation of the Star Wars Clone Wars micro-series and the pilot for Korgoth of Barbaria. In 2011, he created an animated prologue for the movie Priest, which would turn out to be the best thing about that movie, and also created the awesome (but unfortunately cancelled) Sym-Bionic Titan. This past year, he directed the highly successful Hotel Transylvania, so hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more Tartakovsky animation in the near future! Genndy Tartakovsky turns 43 today.


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