World Snore Zzz

A UN employee racing against time and fate travels the world trying to stop a growing zombie pandemic.

I’m still very confused as to why a studio would make a zombie movie with the same title as a popular piece of zombie fiction…and not actually base it on the book. Is this like one of those Asylum “mockbusters” that try to dupe idiots into renting them thinking they’re a much better movie? You know, like Snakes on a Train? Actually, looking at this new ad for World War Z, I think it’s pretty apparent that the studio is just trying to cash in on whatever’s popular. Let’s take the running zombies from 28 Days Later and put them in a movie with the colour scheme of District 9 and name it after that Max Brooks novel! And Brad Pitt – everybody likes him, right? We can’t lose!

World War Z comes out June 21, 2013.

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