Celebrity Birthday of the Day – February 11

It’s funny to think that Damian Lewis stars as an American in one of the most popular shows on television – Homeland – and yet, much like Hugh Laurie on House, Lewis is British. Lewis began his career as a professional actor in the early 1990s with the Royal Shakespeare Company. It was around the same time that he began appearing on television, but he only acted in a handful of parts until he rose to prominence in 2001 on the mini-series Band of Brothers. He had a lead role in Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher in 2003, and since then he has appeared in such films as The Escapist, Your Highness, and The Sweeney, and on TV shows such as Life, The Forsythe Saga, and, of course Homeland (a role that garnered him a Golden Globe). Damian Lewis turns 42 today.


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