Before They Were Stars: Clint Eastwood on “Maverick”

Yesterday, we posted our latest Shouts From the Back Row podcast about the long, storied career of Clint Eastwood, so here’s one of his earliest brushes with the genre which eventually made him a star: the western. Clint started out his career with bit parts in monster movies like Revenge of the Creature and Tarantula, but before Rawhide and the “Man With No Name” trilogy put him on the map, Eastwood had a meaty role as a villain who beat up on James Garner on an episode of Maverick. Over forty years later, everything would come full circle when the two actors starred together in Space Cowboys. Incidentally, this entire episode of Maverick is included as a special feature on the DVD special edition of Unforgiven, though William Munny would probably eat this character for breakfast.

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