Celebrity Birthday of the Day – February 26

Hey, Hollywood! Are you looking for someone who looks like Kristen Stewart’s Australian cousin but has over 100 times more personality? Look no further than Teresa Palmer! Palmer got her start as a professional actor when she won a local casting audition “Search for a Movie Star” in 2003 and began appearing in television commercials and student films. She played small roles in the horror films Wolf Creek and The Grudge 2, and began to move into more central roles in films such as Bedtime Stories, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I Am Number Four, and the recent Warm Bodies. I can’t say as I’ve loved any of those movies, but as I said, the fact that she has the looks of Kristen Stewart, but is a much more talented actress tells me that we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of Teresa Palmer in the future. She turns 27 today.

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