Before They Were Stars: Keanu Reeves’ First Interview on CBC

From the CBC archives, here’s an interview with a young Keanu Reeves in 1986 where he talks about his first starring role in a Canadian-shot movie called Young Again. The storyline involves a 40-year old man wishing he could be a teenager, so an angel suddenly appears to fulfill his wish and turns him into 17-year old Keanu Reeves. Keanu’s character soon finds a girlfriend, but he finds himself feeling more attracted to her 40-year old mother. The minute he started talking about this movie, I had an instant childhood flashback to watching Young Again on TV when it aired as the “Disney Sunday Movie” and it now blows my mind to think that Keanu Reeves was the star. Of course, being eight years old at the time, I also remember feeling quite perturbed that a Disney movie would feature a teenager trying to make out with a 40-year old woman.

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