Before They Were Stars: Taylor Lautner as a Mouseketeer on “The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour”

Oh God, is this footage painful! In 2004, when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were still relevant, they decided to put on an old-fashioned prime-time variety show called The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, filled with corny comedy sketches and musical numbers galore. 12-year old Taylor Lautner got himself a gig as a Mouseketeer in a sketch where they sang “The Mickey Mouse March”, though I have no earthly idea why he has the name “Joel” written on his T-shirt. I don’t know if this special was supposed to be spoofing corny variety shows (like that hilarious Simpsons parody from their “Spin-Off Showcase” episode) or if it’s really just that bad, but the laugh track is certainly on overload here.

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