Before They Were Stars: Brad Pitt on “Head of the Class”

During the late eighties/early nineties, I used to watch a sitcom called Head of the Class, which revolved around a class of gifted high school students and became a little silly once the cast members started turning 30. Anyway, an unknown Brad Pitt made a guest appearance in this 1989 episode as a good-looking, but not-so-gifted hunk, who compels one of the smart girls to dumb herself down in order to garner his interest. It’s worth noting that the two of the cast members from this series have gone on to have great success in other fields. Dan Schneider, the overweight guy in this scene, is the creator of several popular Nickelodeon series, such as iCarly, Drake & Josh and Zoey 101. And Brian Robbins, that dude with the silly mullet and leather jacket, is now a very successful Hollywood director, though he has one of the most cringe-inducing filmographies you’ll ever see, which includes Good Burger, Varsity Blues, Ready to Rumble, The Shaggy Dog, and no less than three Eddie Murphy stinkers: Norbit, Meet Dave, and A Thousand Words. Yikes, somebody needs to reunite this guy with Brad Pitt!

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