Celebrity Birthday of the Day – April 1

Ali MacGraw’s film career may have been a short one, but she certainly contributed one very memorable line to the annals of cinema history: love means never having to say you’re sorry. The film featuring that line – 1970’s Love Story – was only the third film on her resume following her film debut in 1968’s A Lovely Way to Die and 1969’s Goodbye, Colombus. Love Story earned MacGraw an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, and shortly thereafter she appeared in the film The Getaway with Steve McQueen, whom she would marry the following year. Other films starring Ali MacGraw include Convoy, Players, Just Tell Me What You Want, Murder Elite, and Natural Causes. She has also appeared on the TV series The Winds of War and Dynasty. As of 1997, she has officially retired from film acting, choosing instead to focus on Hatha Yoga and doing a bit of Broadway theatre in 2006. Ali MacGraw turns 74 today.

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