We’re Renovating!

Hey everyone! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Gill here, just letting you know that The Back Row is undergoing some renovations! Updates will be sporadic at best until next week, as we’re switching to the WordPress blogging platform and revamping the site a little bit.

In this renovation, The Velvet Rope is being shut down, so unfortunately there will no longer be a steamy side to The Back Row. I’d like to thank both TK and Tom Lando for contributing to TVR and inspiring me to create this entire little media empire in the first place! Fear not – both TK and Tom will continue to contribute to The Back Row. I hear there’s a new batch of Tom Lando Files coming soon!

Anyway, please bear with us as we make these changes. It’s likely that you will have to re-subscribe to our podcast feed during the transition, and I will keep you posted on that matter. In the meantime, the podcast will remain available for listening on the site. Thanks for your patience and your readership! And I’ll see you in the new, improved Back Row!

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