Celebrity Birthday of the Day – May 3

josephkosinskiJoseph Kosinski became Disney’s go-to science fiction director very suddenly. Having worked on several CGI-packed commercials, including the award-winning “Mad World” Gears of War commercial, Kosinski made a short film that served as a sort of proof-of-concept for a sequel to Tron. Disney loved the idea and immediately signed Kosinski to directed the much-anticipated Tron Legacy. Tron Legacy did fairly well at the box office, and its success helped Kosinski convince Disney to let him make his personal dream project: the science fiction film Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. Let me just reiterate: in five years, Joseph Kosinski went from being a director of commercials to directing Tom Cruise in a multi-million dollar blockbuster for Disney. That’s a heck of a career trajectory! He turns 39 today.

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