Thor’s Hair, The Sequel

Marvel has already worked wonders with the character of Thor, turning him from a b-grade, Fabio-looking character to an ass-kicking beefcake of a screen hero. While the first Thor film had its problems, particularly in the final act, I enjoyed it well enough to be interested in a sequel. Well, the trailer for that sequel has finally dropped, and wow, this looks way better than I anticipated! It’s nice to see Natalie Portman returning – I didn’t expect her to at all – and there appears to be some cool, flashy action going on. Plus, you get tousle-haired Loki, which is sure to have the lady Marvel fans swooning. Heck, I swooned a little when he turned up, but then I thought of this and couldn’t stop laughing:

lokiscrunchieThor: The Dark World comes out November 8, 2013.

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