Happy (Belated) Birthday, Super Mario Bros.!

If you’re a child of the 80s like me, then you might find it hard to believe that one May 24, 2013, the film adaptation Super Mario Bros. turned 20 years old! Oh my gaaawwwwd! I can remember seeing the film on its first run in theatres! Yikes. Where does the time go? Anyway, apparently the atrocious film still has a cult following all these years later, and at the 20th anniversary special screening at L.A.’s Nuart Theater, John Leguizamo made a special video talking about his experiences on it. And y’know, as bad as the movie is, this is kinda sweet. May the fungus be among us! Oh, and if you long for the Super Mario Bros. sequel film that never happened, some enterprising webcomic artist has taken it upon himself to make the sequel in comic form! Click here to check it out.

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