Celebrity Birthday of the Day – June 2

zacharyquintoZachary Quinto is a young actor whose rise to fame has been fast. It’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago, no one knew who he was, but now he’s a big-name blockbuster star! Quinto’s early work was exclusively on television, appearing on shows such as The Others, Touched by an Angel, CSI, Lizzie McGuire, Charmed, Six Feet Under, and 24. In 2006 he landed the role of the lead antagonist Sylar in the TV series Heroes, and he quickly became well-known as that show’s popularity grew. When he was cast as Young Spock in the 2009 reboot of the Star Trek franchise, his star status was cemented. Since then, he has appeared in films such as Margin Call, Girl Walks Into a Bar, and Star Trek Into Darkness, and had a prominent role on American Horror Story. Zachary Quinto turns 36 today.

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