Before They Were Stars: Richard Simmons as an Extra in “Fellini Satyricon”

Well, I might as well close up “Before They Were Stars” right now. I don’t think I’ll ever find a more unlikely or random appearance from a future celebrity than this one. Fellini Satyricon is a bizarre, hallucinatory, ultra-artsy 1969 fantasy drama from renowned Italian director Federico Fellini (which has been reviewed by Runstedler) and no matter how hard you tried, I don’t think you could possibly dream up a less likely person to appear in a film like this than… Richard Simmons?! But, no, it actually happened! At the 16:07 mark, look in the background for a 20-year old extra with a beard playing a lyre. Yep, that’s what Richard Simmons looked like before he took off all that weight.

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